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The skincare products from MAGIRAY are the result of scientific development that goes hand in hand with years of careful research from both tradition and complementary medicine.

MAGIRAY advocates the synergy method – a method that allows combining different products from the variety of collections, with the aim of giving free rein, creativity, and professional vision to the beauticians. This allows the needs of the broad clientele to be optimally met. Due to synergic interaction within a wide variety of highly concentrated active components, all Magiray cosmetic products are recognized for their efficiency and multifunctional economical use for creating manifold treatment solutions targeted at solving the problems related to all types of skin disorders.

This innovative approach is based on the high quality and wide range of products. The added value of the products lies in being economical and convenient to use, which effectively solves quite a few problems in the work routine of every beautician.

The excellent results achieved through the use of MAGIRAY PROFESSIONAL products are based on the harmonious combination of the natural active ingredients and ingredients developed through innovative biotechnological methods.

The rich variety of ingredients from which MAGIRAY prepares its products includes over 350 types of medicinal plants alongside natural extracts, as well as the use of over 30 registered global patents.

Over the years, MAGIRAY has developed several collections of skin care products, with the aim of helping its customers experience treatment similar to what they receive from professionals. MAGIRAY products for home use help to maintain the long-term effect of clinical cosmetic procedures.

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The series is suitable for mature skin. Products in the series are formulated with a special composition of peptides to reduce expression lines, helping to maintain a smoother appearance of the skin. Daily use of CLC products will strengthen and enhance the result of any anti-aging treatment done by a professional.


Air pollution has become an important parameter in choosing quality products, strong and effective in their protection against pollution. The EDELE series provides antioxidant care for those who need both intensive protection and skin restoration after exposure to environmental pollutants.


Balance problematic oily skin quickly.


Sometimes your skin needs an extra boost from your normal regime, and in this case small, but strong particles–peptides and active vitamins–come into play. The Forte series is an effective series that provides anti-aging and smoothing effects and uniform skin appearance, both in its texture and tone. The products of the series work to strengthen the results from professionals and prolong their effects.


This line has a variety of products to soothe irritated, dry, and tired skin to smoothing skin texture.


Turn your bathroom into a home spa with our products rich in natural plant extracts and fortified with oils for full care of body, hair, and scalp.


The skin of our face is a complete reflection of the environment in which we live, and our lifestyle. Air pollution, environmental and internal toxins, and stress disrupt the delicate balance of this synergy.


Clarification and renewal - these are possible to achieve thanks to the Pearl series products. The series is suitable for all skin types to use any time of the year. The Pearl products are also formulated for intensive renewal and/or lightening of hyperpigmentation.


A series of natural kits with herbal extracts, serum, and oil. Using the serum and over the oil gives the full potential of the healing and nurturing properties of plants, herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Natural Collection

This line was adapted to build a personal and unique protocol for the type and condition of the patient's skin, according to the time of year and the professionals' recommendations.

Professional Line