Uneven Skin

Uneven Skin

Skin tone depends on the presence of pigments in the skin (melanin). Skin spots can be darker or lighter than the natural shade and unevenness is an aesthetic inconvenience. Using skin neutralizers and rejuvenators helps achieve a more even and smooth complexion.

Intensive treatment is done in a daily routine with the PEARL series by Magiray. The series was developed especially for the Israeli climate with an emphasis on high sun exposure and therefore safe to use even in the Israeli summer.

We strengthen the home treatment with diverse protocols in the clinic with products that have a whitening and lightening effect.
The pigmentation factors can be different, such as:

Hormonal processes
Stress and injury
Sun and a polluting environment
We still put emphasis on the common denominator, which is the result of skin spots. Therefore, a therapeutic strategy will always also include anti-inflammatory, soothing and restorative stages with stages for renewing, peeling and breaking down melanin.

Our goal is to get a result of healthy skin with a radiant appearance and uniform texture and tone.

CalmiFin cream-mask
Recommended retail price ₪ 294
Carbogel exfo-activator
Clarity Peel AHA foam
Recommended retail price ₪ 192
Recommended retail price ₪ 92
CLC EYE GEL contour lifting
Recommended retail price ₪ 206
Recommended retail price ₪ 241
Date Firming syrup gel
DAY PROTECT mineral powder SPF 50
Recommended retail price ₪ 230
Recommended retail price ₪ 309
Recommended retail price ₪ 309
Detox plant mask
Recommended retail price ₪ 324
Diamond Collagen repair mask – step 2