Effect of acetyl hexa-peptide 8 on belfrospasm

A clinical study has been completed

In which they tested the effect of acetyl hexa-peptide 8 on belprospasm (contraction of the eye muscle as a result of nerve damage. Can be as a result of external and temporary damage or as a result of nervous system diseases, such as aplasia, Parkinson’s, etc.).

The purpose of the study:

Sufferers of this phenomenon receive as treatment Botox injections every 3 months. The frequency and high concentration of this toxic substance can cause a lot of side effects and can also cause a lack of reaction. The study aims to find an option to reduce the dose or frequency of Botox injections.

mode of operation:

In a double-blind clinical trial performed a test with a placebo group. Use acetyl hexa-peptide 8 applied topically to the eye muscle every morning.


Extending the time of Botox injection for up to 2 times with the use of acetyl hexa peptide, compared to the placebo group.

How It Works:

Acetyl hexa peptide 8 acts as a neurotransmitter to the muscle and thus prevents the contraction of a sketched muscle.

Where to get:

Extend the period of effect of Botox. Constant and daily use of one of these preparations prevents expressive wrinkles, smoothes existing mimetic wrinkles and also helps.