Deep cleaning and peels

Deep cleaning and peels

Peels are designed to remove the outer layer of dead cells and improve the appearance and health of all skin types. Peels prepare the skin for the introduction of active substances, unclog pores and remove excess waste from the skin.

The results are visible immediately after use and also during prolonged, maintenance and curative treatment:

In aging skin – reducing the depth of wrinkles, increasing flexibility and elasticity of the skin, lightening signs of pigmentation and more.

In dry skin – balancing moisture, removing roughness and smoothing the skin.

For oily skin – deep cleansing and removal of imperfections (for example: acne scars), preventing the formation of pimples and comedones.

To choose the most suitable product, you must thoroughly examine the condition, type and strength of the skin, and define the desired result. It is possible and recommended to combine several peel products to achieve an optimal result.

Active Alpha serum
Beauty Puree – PEEL 37
Recommended retail price ₪ 149
Carbogel exfo-activator
Clarity Peel AHA foam
Recommended retail price ₪ 192
Date Firming syrup gel
DIAMOND Premium skin care set
Recommended retail price ₪ 358
Diamond Renewing cream-peeling – step 1
EDÉLE bio scrub
Recommended retail price ₪ 148
Facial Foaming scrub papaya
Fast Action Puree treat
Recommended retail price ₪ 138
GlycoCare AHA cream
Recommended retail price ₪ 346
GlycoCare peel off mask
Recommended retail price ₪ 348
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