Algactive powder – Nutrient peel-off mask

Exfoliating seaweed mask (powder)
Concentrated seaweed to increase the effectiveness of cosmetic treatments. The results are quickly visible- skin tightening, acceleration of the metabolic process, soothing of redness, reduction of swelling, drainage of toxins, and general skin rejuvenation. Also, it can help significantly increase the effects of the active components in other preparations.
Packaging: 750 ml jar

Active ingredients:
Combined seaweed and plant extracts

In a bowl, quickly mix 25 g of the powder with 100 ml of water to create a uniform texture. Using a flat spatula, efficiently cover the desired area in an even layer. The mask hardens within a few minutes. Completely remove the mask after 20 minutes.
Using lukewarm water slows down the hardening time and leaves more time to place the mask comfortably.


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